No matter who your audience is, app users to cupcake lovers, seeing from their point of view is crucial to your success. Learn to ask the right questions and understand problems in a new light.


The connectivity of the internet is changing our world. As old hierarchies fall around us, having an opinion is more important than ever. What's yours, how will you express it?


Showing is better than telling, and the Internet offers more ways to create and share than ever before. Leverage skills you already have to make your ideas tangible and get them out into the world.

Your Humble Hosts

Tom Harman, Tash Wong, and Tony Chu started See Think Make to answer the question: “I have a great idea for an app/toy/vintage candy store, what do I do next?”The three friends met through SVA's MFA Interaction Design program and come from multi-disciplinary backgrounds including education, computer science, and architecture.

Tony Chu @tonyhschu

Before moving to New York last summer, Tony worked as a lead web developer at the University of British Columbia. He created platforms for enhanced web publishing and also co-founded Financial Literacy for Youth, a Vancouver based organization focused on teaching financial literacy to teens. Tony's recent projects include What The Book?, an interactive poll designed to provide a space for people to display their feelings about the changing form of books. He currently works
with Betaworks.

Tash Wong @tashwong

Tash made her start in architecture, but soon became enamored by the speed and flexibility of the web. After transitioning her spatial design skills into user experience and her technical chops to code, she’s spent time creating groundbreaking mobile frameworks for the hospitality industry, and product consulting for NY-based tech startups. In March, she co-created Coastermatic, a service which lets you to create custom stone coasters from instagram images.

Tom Harman @tomharman

Tom came to design through music and believes that startups are the new rock band. Tom's experiences range from touring with his band across Europe to designing social websites and mobile apps for international brands such as Benetton, BBC, and Speedo. Earlier this year, Tom worked on Purpose, a concept for a platform to bring together consumers, makers, and manufacturers to enable creative reuses for unwanted technology. The project won Best of Show at the Good Design Hackathon.

30 spots

See Think Make is designed to help you get the most from your weekend. By limiting the event to 30 people, you’ll have the opportunity to get direct feedback on your ideas, take part in exercises, and connect with other participants.


Day #1


A macro view of the world


Challenging your assumptions

Day #2


Prototyping & customer acquisition


The impact of storytelling

Morning coffee and lunch provided


MFA Interaction Design
School of Visual Arts
136 W21st St
3rd Floor
New York, NY 10011

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