SEE: What Ferris Bueller Taught Me About Interaction Design

  • Thursday, August 28, 5:30-8:30pm
  • Twitter HQ, San Francisco


See Think Make is a SF based event series designed to bring together the curious and capable around new ideas in interaction design.

Each event will explore Interaction Design through a particular lens:


Understanding the role of exploration, observation, and empathy in the creative process.


Unpacking large concepts and finding new ways to solve problems.


Getting down and doing the work of making our ideas real.

Our next event

What Ferris Bueller Taught Me About Interaction Design

Erin Moore, Senior UX designer at Twitter, will talk about why paying attention to the world around us is actually the first step to designing great products. A designer’s ability to see things from different points of view is crucial to designing products that connect people and create meaningful experiences. In her talk, Erin tells three stories that have captured her attention and shows how these stories can give designers a fresh perspective on their everyday work. A panel discussion will follow.

We hope you will join us for food, drinks, and a great night of design conversation.

Erin Moore


Erin Moore is a Senior User Experience Designer at Twitter, where she helps make Tweets and timelines more understandable and powerful. Before Twitter, she studied fine art and creative writing, spent an exorbitant amount of time playing and coaching collegiate athletics, and designed mobile banking services that gave people in rural Pakistan more sustainable and social ways to interact with their money.

Each one of these experiences had tremendous impact on Erin’s design process - showing her that design is, at it’s heart, about crafting better ways for people to connect with information and objects in their environments. She has an insatiable travel itch that she scratches as often as possible, which is a constant reminder that our best experiences are simply the result of slowing down and paying attention to the world around us.


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What Ferris Bueller taught me about Interaction Design, Erin Moore, Sr. UX Designer, Twitter


Panel discussion and Q&A


Networking, Food & Drinks


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